Data collection

The data collection of the AlpiLinK project is carried out by recording oral data using the microphone of the device with which you connected to the website. After reviewing the data processing policy on this page and accepting the conditions, you will be given some simple tasks, in which you will be asked to use your dialect or local (minority) language to narrate what happens in a scene or to translate or transform sentences or words.

*If the questionnaire has been filled in before on the same computer and browser, you might get the question if you want to ‘restart’ or ‘continue’ the questionnaire. If you finished the previous questionnaire, and you want to start a new one, please click ‘restart’, the data collected previously will not be affected. If you want to continue with an unfinished questionnaire, please click ‘continue’.

Technical requirements

The survey can be answered from almost all devices, operating systems and browsers, however there are known problematic device/browser combinations.

  • Apple iOS devices (iPhones, iPads, etc) & non-Safari browsers. Apple blocks microphone access on all iOS browsers except Safari. Recording on Safari occasionally has an undesirable crackly or popping effect.
  • Links opened inside other applications. For example, a link opened in the Facebook Messenger web view. Microphone access can only be obtained when the link is opened directly in the browser.
  • Legacy Browsers. For example, Internet Explorer 6-11 or Edge 12-18. View a full list of supported browsers here.